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BOLDLY PARTNERING TO RAISE CHALLENGES AND WORK AT ANSWERS THAT BUILD HEALTHY, SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY Sanctuary and Faith Trails have a unique partnership. Sanctuary is a safe place where we minister as a community of faith to understand the vision and purpose of Godís plan. People gather in a ranch & outdoor fellowship, to experience the love God gives and the example of Jesus Christ. The secular 501c3 Faith Trails identifies and implements ways to build community and support for individuals so they can achieve their potential and give back. Sanctuary and Faith Trails partner as much as possible to acquire resources both financial and human. In fulfilling our mission we use horses, ranch experiences, stewardship of the land and relationship building. Sanctuary believes that Christ is someone who furthered his ministry by being there for people in a loving way in the places they determine. Faith Trails believes that community must be fostered that helps people find their trail in life and place in the world so they can make better choices. The partnership between Sanctuary and Faith Trails allows us to help more people. Sanctuary sometimes helps Faith Trails meet a need and sometimes Faith Trails helps Sanctuary. This partnership supports people in their lives in the following ways. We hope that you will join us! * Work program: We use our stable operation at Kah Nee Ta High Desert resort to give people a place to work where they love what they do. We foster the concept that to work hard and well is a way to honor God in your life. We serve many youth and adults in this program. * Student support: We advocate for students, track performance, set both academic and behavioral goals, and help with acquiring the basic necessities, skill sets and time to experience success. The average student who sets a contract improves their GPA by 1.8. * !!! SAVE A HORSE FROM SLAUGHTER. WITH THE DONATION OF $250 YOU CAN PURCHASE AND DELIVER A HORSE TO IKIUTAN TO BECOME PART OF THE DUDE STRING. WE HAVE WORKED OUT THE DETAILS TO HAVE ACCESS TO QUALITY HORSES BEFORE THEY MAKE THE FINAL TRIP TO SLAUGHTER. PLEASE EARMARK DONATION FOR (SAVE A HORSE). DONATION INFORMATION IS ON DONATION PAGE!!! * Family support: We coordinate the facilities, horses, instruction, transportation and food that give families a positive place to gather around. When people meet in our settings they know that it will be a safe, good-hearted group. We meet around peopleís passions and develop a community for support as well as celebration. * Crisis intervention: We fill in the gaps so people can get the aide they need. We provide emergency transportation, deliver food and basic need packages, distribute clothing and much more. We provide referrals for and transportation to counseling and medical assistance. We are available for advice, prayer requests, mediation and counsel. * Community development: In all that we do we strive to build cells of community that web into a support network. In our community we have noticed that many of the traditional support networks are no longer in place so we strive to build relationships that will support people making good choices and honoring the Creator in their lives. * Animal husbandry and stewardship of the land: Most of our gathering time revolves around the livestock and the land. The skills and sensitivities people acquire to care for both impacts strongly on their ability to make changes in themselves. Being close to the land opens peoples hearts and minds to new possibilities. * Build places for people to reach their potential: We have formed Ikiutan Stables on the premisis of Ka Nee Ta High Desert Resort. The stable allows the people we work with to have a place to strive for excellence and share with others the heart of the reservation it's people and land. While doing this we save horses from slaughter and return them to useful lives. **SEE EVENTS TO LEARN HOW TO BOOK RIDING ADVENTURES WITH IKIUTAN!

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